House of Hope
Our Story

Our Story

The history of House of Hope Community Church is a story of God’s faithfulness and goodness in Hudson’s Hope.

Although the “House of Hope” has only existed, in its current form, for a few years, our existence is part of a continuing legacy of generations of faithful believers working in this town. We were established upon foundations laid by members of both Hudson’s Hope Bible Fellowship; a church with conservative evangelical roots, and Peace Valley Community Church; a charismatic church in the Pentecostal tradition. Though diverse churches, from wildly different backgrounds, members from both bodies were radically committed to the gospel of Christ, and the unity that brings, that they came together under our previous pastor, Tim Viers, and “replanted” under Fellowship Pacific.

Meeting in the Hudson’s Hope Bible Fellowship (HHBF) building, and still known as HHBF the combined church grew and flourished under Tim, and was drawn into a unique position of love and commitment to one another. In spite of some clear differences, the members were struck with a sense of just how much we actually have in common, through Christ, and how deeply God had knit the body together.

Our current pastor, Luke, arrived in March 2020, with a desire to nurture what had been planted, to shepherd a church that was already well established, and to continue that work. However, nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

COVID-19 was a challenge for everyone. And the church was no exception. Between “virtual services”, isolation bubbles, lockdowns, home groups, and many more things besides, God shook the foundations of our church. It wasn’t always easy, but it was for good.

In 2022, after emerging from the COVID-19 restrictions, there was a growing sense that we couldn’t just go back to doing things the way we had always done. There was a sense that we had undergone an identity shift, a fundamental change in who we were, and that “Hudson’s Hope Bible Fellowship”, no longer truly expressed who God was calling us to be — a body now made up of former members from HHBF, PVCC, as well as several new people with no history at either church. While we were incredibly grateful for our shared history, it was clear that we were no longer two groups of believers sharing a building, but a new church, with a new vision, who needed a new identity.

Our building had already been renovated, but what we needed was a new name!

And so, we relaunched as House of Hope Community Church. Though we remain part of the Fellowship, and though we remain firmly within the bounds of traditional, evangelical Christianity, we are committed to walking a middle path, together, making space for our differences, and exploring and wrestling with them together, while celebrating and emphasizing the things that bind us closely.

It’s been a wild ride, and it’s not done yet… but we’re excited to see where God takes us next, and we hope you’ll be here with us as he does.